Monday, January 09, 2006


Sudoku is logic based numeric puzzle. Mathematic professors all over the world such as Dr. June White in the College of Education at St. Petersburg College are strongly encouraging students to work at solving these numeric puzzles. A Sudoku puzzle and the solution will be appearing each Monday in the St. Petersburg Times. The Times also offers some strategy tips in solving the puzzle. Sudoku has been around for sometime but became popular in the United States in 2005. Students who have patience and are looking for mathematical fun or interested in improving their logical abilities will enjoy these puzzles. There are also numerous websites for you to obtain copies of the puzzle at different levels of difficulty. A good website to begin with is (
Kudos out to KristinW for a free Sudoku website,

Betty Jo Gaston, Baccalaureate Program Librarian


KristinW said...

The website you mention is great for general sudoku info, but it charges money to download its sudoku program.

There are free alternatives such as Fiendish Sudoku, which has new puzzles every day at five levels of difficulty. Plus you can solve the puzzles right online, no download needed.

- KristinW

Anonymous said...

this game is addicting!

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