Friday, May 19, 2006

Tampa Hyatt Regency is the Ballroom for FACC 2006 Conference!

Tampa Hyatt Regency is the Ballroom for FACC 2006 Conference!

The St. Petersburg College is working hard with our membership drive and your support is sought. Sign up or renew your FACC membership today! Plan on “Showin’ Up and Showin’ Out” (conference theme) at the Tampa Hyatt Regency on November 1-3, 2006 for the grand conference. For more information visit: (

The SPC FACC committee is very active; for instance, balloons were in the air as the Florida Association of Community Colleges (FACC) members and others showed their financial support towards the recent February 2006 fundraiser drive that supported the students’ scholarship book fund. Each SPC campus participated in the sell of numerous colorfully designed mylar balloons as the spirit of love on earth was demonstrated during Valentine’s Day!

Becoming a The Florida Association of Community Colleges (FACC) member is vital to the continued effective existence of the Florida community college system. The original four public junior college president’s took on the task in 1949 of establishing the FACC association. Some fifty-seven years later, it still exists and is definitely in a league all by itself. The FACC is complied of 28 community colleges throughout the state of Florida. FACC is not only a unique association, but it is the sole association representing the community college system and its’ employees. This is yet, another reason why your membership is vital, because it keeps membership strong and alive. For only a few pennies per day you can make a difference in your community college workplace.

The St. Petersburg College previously had a FACC total membership of 321 members in 2004. While this count was not bad, it could be however, be improved. Subsequently, along came the strong leadership of Dr. Psalms Mack, her predicted goal of recruiting new members was exceeded; this number was increased to almost 500 FACC members during 2005. Overall, the FACC membership was increased to a grand total of 201 new members in 2005. This indicated a forty-one percent representation of full-time St. Petersburg College employees overall. Adjuncts are also encouraged to become members of FACC too.

This continued membership drive will be carried on under the recently elected new leadership of Dr. Paul Hatchett. Your continued support to make the St. Petersburg College representation in the state of Florida with FACC well represented is requested. Encourage your friends and colleagues to join! For as little as the cost of a can of soda, your membership cost can even be paid directly through automatic withdrawals via your bi-weekly SPC paychecks.

Why should you join FACC? Follow the various links listed below for the mission statement, benefits and discounts, membership information and even DROP retirement information. There are still many additional benefits for acquiring your FACC membership such as, ongoing community discounts from: Alamo and Hertz Car Rental Discounts, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, Knight Club Card, Macknificent Imports Galleria, Inc., La Quianta Inns (15%), and more.

FACC Mission
Benefits and Discounts
Membership Information
DROP information

Anyone with questions can see their campus’ site representatives for FACC application submission and to have any questions answered. Thank you in advance for caring about the survival of the Community College system during this era of constant change.

Respectfully submitted by Antoinette Caraway

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