Tuesday, August 09, 2005

MyDropBox replaces Turnitin

The license for Turnitin plagiarism detection software has not been renewed. SPC has a trial license for a different software for use during Session 1. We will consider a license for the software based on user input and cost.
How do you sign up: contact Janice Hall (Clearwater Library), hall.janice@spcollege.edu, and she will set up your account, and MyDropBox will e-mail you instructions on use. Questions? Contact Janice at 791-2413.
To Learn More: visit www.mydropbox.com, click on "Instructors" and then on "Instructor Manual."
MyDropBox works very much like Turnitin. The only major difference is in archiving of papers. MyDropBox does not maintain a master file of all papers submitted; it retains SPC submissions separately.
The syllabus statement and permissions form can be found on the Library Online, www.spcollege.edu/central/libonline, under Instruction and under Services. They can also be located at StaffCentral.

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