Thursday, November 03, 2005

"The War of the Worlds" Writing Contest Winners!

The Clearwater campus library recently offered a writing contest, asking students to choose 1 of 7 War of the Worlds book covers and explain why/how it best represented this novel.

Our winners:
$20 Barnes & Noble gift card, Yuri Samardek
$5 Follett gift card, Mary McCook
SPC coffee mug, Zabrinna Panesso
Yuri Samardek chose a Bantam Cover illustrated by Chris Hopkins. The first place essay is below ...

The picture intrigues with the skyline at night with uninvited aliens. The colors are dark, gloomy and cold. The water is so calm; suspicious silence makes the attack different, unpredictable. You are scared because you don't know what tomorrow will bring. You are not even sure if tomorrow will come. Bad events happen at night, even wars....

Unknown objects shaped like spiders make you feel terrified. You realize [they] came from another unfriendly world. Probably aliens developed their cyber spiders knowing human's dislike [of these] creatures. Only the way they look makes you feel that nothing good is going to happen. [A] modern city skyline represents human wealth and, maybe, the ability to resist. You don't see people running and dying on the streets. [The] picture implies that people are dying. I think the implication of death is better for [a] book cover than a real image of dying people. The cover would not be taken seriously if it would show a village or couple of buildings. It's global and real. It also gives you a bit of excitement, skyline attracts your eye. The epitome of human progress is under attack!

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Well written essay! It's about time that more of us from the school, not only students, but staff as well, get out there and have our own blogs and pages. Long overdue!

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