Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Both Google and Microsoft have taken mapping and directions to an entirely new level. Watch from your seat in front of a computer as these products zoom from space to your neighborhood. Just type in an address and zoom right in, even tilting and rotating views. Users can search for schools, parks, hotels, and restaurants as well as many other sites.
Using satellite imagery and maps, Google Earth offers detailed aerial images of many locations. The “new kid on the block” Windows Live Local (http://local.live.com) claims to have bested Google Earth by using not only satellite imagery but also low flying planes to provide detail. While Google Earth requires downloading, Live Local runs on a browser. Google Earth gets the nod for covering more world-wide territory; Live Local focuses on urban areas. Google Earth just added 2 more levels of zoom to improve their resolution and now works on MacIntosh computers. User of Live Local even have the ability to blog their “travels.”
For big city maps and images, don’t forget to take a looks at www.a9.com ‘s block views at http://maps.a9.com

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