Monday, May 01, 2006

Announcing the OverDrive Device Resource Center

Although Microsoft's Plays For Sure site ( is a good reference for devices that support DRM-protected Windows Media Audio and Video files, OverDrive has found that not all devices listed at that site actually work properly with OverDrive Media. In response, [OverDrive] has begun compiling their own device support information, and now have made this information publicly available at the OverDrive Device Resource Center (

At this site, OverDrive list devices that [they] have tested themselves and know to work with OverDrive Media (audio books, music, and video). They have posted a list of known compatible devices, and are continually testing devices in an effort to expand this list. For each device they have listed as compatible, they offer useful links to assist those considering devices (a link to the manufacturer home page, a link to manufacturer support page, and a link to price the device on Froogle).

At the OverDrive Device Resource Center, they also offer a list of devices [they] know to be incompatible with OverDrive Media. In addition, they have introduced functionality to allow users to test their devices for compatibility themselves. The test in place allows users to download and transfer a small file to their devices, letting them determine in a matter of minutes if their device is in fact supported. Finally, in response to the ongoing interest in portable devices they have seen from you and your patrons, they have built and are maintaining device-related FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages at this site.

Any links on your site that presently point to PlaysForSure will be changed to link to the OverDrive Device Resource Center.

SPC's downloadable audio books resource web page can be found at

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