Thursday, September 21, 2006

Facts On File News Services

Are you or your teachers searching for the ideal way to integrate U.S. and international news coverage into your curriculum?

Find creative classroom assignments using material from the Facts On File World News Digest, special guides for students on how to conduct research and present findings, and a wide variety of teaching aids at our brand-new Resource Center, now available at Facts On File World News Digest @

Published since 1940, the Facts On File World News Digest contains comprehensive, authoritative, and balanced coverage of U.S. and international events, and is an ideal source for researching -- and teaching about -- the world we live in.

The Resource Center contains:

Tools for Students

Research Tools: The ideal starting point for any research assignment includes guides to researching major topics in the news, past and present, and quick access to useful reference sources.

Presenting Your Research: Detailed guidelines on presenting research findings, including instructions on how to write a research paper, how to cite sources, and how to write and deliver a speech.

Analyzing and Understanding: Instructions on using and understanding specific sources, including guidelines on analyzing editorial cartoons and evaluating online sources.

Tools for Educators:

Classroom Activities and Assignments: Creative classroom activities and homework assignments using material from the World News Digest, including a range of discussion questions, essay assignments, editorial-writing activities, and guided searches on topics in civics and government and geography, plus complete instructions on how to hold a mock impeachment trial. Watch for a new range of activities and assignments on more subjects, such as U.S. history.

Teaching Aids: Detailed guides to help educators, including guidelines on assessing students’ speeches, tips on how to prevent plagiarism, and using newspaper editorials in class.

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