Friday, October 20, 2006

OverDrive Media Console v2.1 Update!

OverDrive just released the OverDrive Media Console v2.1. While this is not a required upgrade, they do highly encourage users to install OMC v2.1. With this upgrade, users can enjoy some exciting new features, most notably the OverDrive Media Console Transfer Wizard.

Please read below to learn about new features available with this release, and for an overview of changes that will be made to your OverDrive-hosted website to support OverDrive Media Console v2.1.

What's New with OverDrive Media Console v2.1

+ The most exciting feature of OMC v2.1 is the introduction of the OverDrive Media Console Transfer Wizard. With the Transfer Wizard, users can transfer OverDrive Media files to supported portable devices in just a few clicks! The transfer is completed through the OverDrive Media Console interface, which means that users needn't launch Window Media Player to complete this previously cumbersome process! Enjoying digital media
anytime, anywhere just got easier.

+ When the Transfer Wizard locates a supported portable device, it displays a name that accurately and fully describes the device. This is especially useful for users that may have multiple devices connected to their PCs.

+ OverDrive Media Console v2.1 can be easily installed over previous versions of OverDrive Media Console (no uninstall required). Existing Media Libraries will be maintained, allowing users to easily access their previously downloaded titles after the upgrade is complete.

+ They incorporated auto-prompt functionality, to alert users when new versions of OverDrive Media Console are released. Upon download of a new media file, a prompt will be displayed to users of OverDrive Media Console v2.0 and newer, notifying them of the availability of an updated version of the application. (Note that some time may elapse between the release of an OverDrive Media Console update and the prompting of the user to download the

+ In response to input from users, Media Explorer has been updated to retain 2 settings: play speed and volume. If a speed-listener has set his/her play speed to 'Fast (1.4x)' and exited Media Console, play speed will remain set to 'Fast (1.4x)'] until the user changes it. Along these lines, if a user has set the volume to a certain level, this setting will be maintained until the user chooses to change it.

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