Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bonding With a Book

Professor Eleanor Vassel's classes recently enjoyed a visit to the library where a book fair atmosphere was created complete with refreshments. Mrs. Vassel is again requiring her students to write a book review of a book that was recently acquired at the library including a summary of three chapters, an evaluation of the author's credentials, and an analysis of the suitability of the book for college research.

The mission for the students was to "Bond with a book," to find a connection to a new book out of the over 200 books placed on display for the 3 classes.

Mr. Jorge Perez explained to the students his connection with the book, Cesar's Way :the natural, everyday guide to understanding and correcting common dog problems authored by Cesar Millan, "The Dog Whisperer." Jorge's dog, Max, has had some hyperactive behavior problems (video of Max's behavior was provided) on which Jorge wanted advisement. Mr Perez's "book talk" was well received with other students wanting to find a copy of the book to help them with their dogs' behavior issues.

Other book talk titles discussed were The Color of Water, the SPC Reads book, A World Undone: the Story of World War I, Kingfish: the Reign of Huey P. Long, and Ultimate Sacrifice: John and Robert Kennedy, the plan for a coup in Cuba, and the murder of JFK .

Students who would like to access the approved book list for the book reviews, may click on this link Book List. The student with a high quality book review judged to be the best from the three classes will win a prize of a $15 Follett's bookstore gift certificate. The second prize winner's award is $10 gift certificate. Both winning book reviews will be published on the SPC Library Blog!


D. Bobzin said...

I think it would be interesting to know on which campus this activity occurred. I'm also curious about the significance of the yellow highlighting on many line items on the book list.

Chad Mairn said...

This took place at the Clearwater campus Library. I will look into the significance of the highlighting and post a comment as soon as possible.