Thursday, July 12, 2007


Charlie Rose, a thoughtful conversationalist and well-respected journalist, has jumped into the “Web 2.0” conversation as well. is a new-and-improved web site that has an extensive video archive that easily can be browsed, searched, commented on, shared with others, and more. The website is a wonderful collection of discussions that go back to the early to mid 1990’s. Check out the Charlie Rose web site at:


mdifranchis said...

Democrats would disagree of course, but to the broader "thinking" audience-Charlie Rose is far too biased and partisan to be broadly acclaimed
His thought process is predictable;
his choices of and engagement with guests clearly reveals his political bias. His appeal is in having acquired a class format for his show that disguisese the rather mediocre content.

Anonymous said...

dear mdfranchis,

came across this remark at random, but feel compelled to offer a ripose on behalf of the thoughtful CR devotee. Charlie Rose is the least politically biased journalist on American television. If you watched his show with any regularity this would be obvious to you. You should know that comments like the one above come across as quite ignorant and naive to "thoughtful" viewer.