Monday, October 29, 2007

Critical Thinking and Collection Development

As we enter the quality enhancement process, the libraries are focusing on critical thinking in our collection development efforts. At the present time, each library has a small critical thinking collection. As we move forward with our plan, we need input from all faculty and staff to identify materials that may be helpful in guiding students into critical thinking. Our goal is to have a Critical Thinking Resource Center at each library that includes materials to support the QEP effort of enhancing students’ critical thinking skills.

If you know of leadership materials, games, print, or electronic materials that may help you in leading students to critical thinking, please let us know!

To request materials, go to Library Online ( Click on Services in the middle of the page. Click on faculty services, and then look for request library materials. When asked for the program or class the materials will support, be sure to include your area as well as Critical Thinking!

Thank you; we look forward to receiving your suggestions for materials to include in the Critical Thinking Resource Center.

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