Friday, February 29, 2008

LINCCWeb in Facebook March 7, 2008!

As part of an ongoing effort to make LINCCWeb available when and where students need it, CCLA developed a pared down LINCCWeb interface that students can easily add to their Facebook accounts and then have at the ready if they need to do a quick search for class or homework. They can even share the LINCCWeb application with their friends in Facebook.

Requirements for searching LINCCWeb will be the same in Facebook as they are now: public users who install the LINCCWeb application can search community college library holdings, but only users registered at a Florida community college can search licensed electronic resources. The application will be available beginning next Friday, March 7! This is a first step at making LINCCWeb discoverable from popular social networking sites.

You can familiarize yourself with the Facebook LINCCWeb interface at If you have a Facebook account, you can install the application right away. If you don't have a Facebook account, registration from that page is quick and easy. Following is some general information about Facebook.

About Facebook:
As of January 2008, more than 76,000 Facebook users were associated with a Florida community college (up 19% since July 2007). With more than 64 million active users, Facebook is the fifth most-visited site in the United States, according to global Internet information provider Facebook usage has increased more than 130% since January 2007, according to

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