Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Announcing the Redesign of the Florida Electronic Library and Gale’s PowerSearch 2.0!

The Florida Electronic Library—your gateway to superior electronic resources that offer access to comprehensive, accurate, and reliable information—is pleased to announce a redesigned Web site ( and the migration to Gale’s PowerSearch 2.0 platform.

The newly designed site makes accessing information from the Florida Electronic Library collection easier than ever. In addition to locating authoritative sources such as magazines, newspapers, almanacs, encyclopedias, and books, and providing up-to-date information on current events, education, business, technology, and health issues, the new site also helps users connect directly with librarians and libraries across the state.

Students, families, teachers, and librarians will find valuable tools to meet their information needs as well. Whether you are a teacher looking for a lesson plan or a student looking for the best electronic information to complete a report for school, the Florida Electronic Library has the quality information and sources you need.

In addition to the site redesign, the Florida Electronic Library is also very pleased to announce that Gale’s PowerSearch 2.0 has been enabled for all InfoTrac resources in the collection. Improvements to Gale’s PowerSearch platform include:

§ Better navigation options, including the new Publication Browse with hover technology, allowing users to see more publication details without clicking through

§ Three languages (Arabic, Polish, and Russian) added to the translation feature, enabling users to translate any of the 150 million articles available on the PowerSearch platform into 11 different languages

§ Addition of “named user” functionality, allowing researchers to save their search histories, maintain search alerts, create RSS feeds, and save documents into their own customized folders

§ Enhanced search results that incorporate images, videos, and podcasts directly into the results list

§ Web 2.0 sharing tools including, MySpace, Reddit, Digg, Facebook, Newsvine, Twitter, and others

§ ReadSpeaker technology, allowing users to have all articles available via PowerSearch read to them, or downloaded into MP3 format (for an iPod or other audio device) to listen to later

Ready to take advantage of these great new enhancements?

Login at and let a pathway to learning begin!

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