Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How can I search the Invisible Web?

You think a Google, Bing, or Yahoo search online will bring you everything at your fingertips? Think again. There is valuable information out there that is buried in the “Invisible Web.” Luckily a list of search engines below will tap results from these hidden treasures.

Complete Planet: "A comprehensive listing of dynamic searchable databases. Find databases with highly relevant documents that cannot be crawled or indexed by surface web search engines."

Scirus: "The most comprehensive scientific research tool on the web. With over 370 million scientific items indexed at last count, it allows researchers to search for not only journal content but also scientists' homepages, courseware, pre-print server material, patents and institutional repository and website information."

SurfWax: "On waves, surf wax helps surfers grip their surfboard; for Web surfing, SurfWax helps you get the best grip on information -- providing the "best use" of relevant search results. SurfWax's patent-pending design is the first to make searching a "visual process," seamlessly integrating meaning-based search with key knowledge-finding elements for effective association and recall."


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