Thursday, March 03, 2011

Login to ANGEL and have instant library access!

Great news! Students and faculty can now login to ANGEL and gain access to all of the library’s resources without additional passwords or authentication.   To seamlessly gain access to library resources, login to ANGEL via, and then click on the Library Resources and Services link (see below). A screen cast is available at

Note: Internet Explorer, by default, prompts users visiting web sites that are using mixed content (HTTP and HTTPS), so if you get the following security warning please be sure to click “No.”  There is a “Using Internet Explorer?” link on the tabbed search interface (see above) that explains this. During testing, some users clicked “Yes” and it did not break the session; however, SSO and other non-library content in ANGEL will display better in Internet Explorer when users select “No.”

And finally (for now at least), any persistent links directly linking to articles within ANGEL without “” somewhere in the URL will not work (e.g., CCLA created this tool that will create persistent links to work both on and off campus; however, these persistent links will have to first pass through the SSO link in order to work. Please contact Chad Mairn at (727) 341-7181 for more details regarding persistent links and/or to report any access issues. 

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