Monday, June 27, 2011

RefWorks Launches New Interface

When you now login to your RefWorks account you’ll notice that there is a new user-friendly interface. If you aren't quite ready for this change that is fine. There will be a "RefWorks Classic” link in the upper right-hand corner that will be available for the rest of 2011; however, the classic interface will be completely replaced with the new interface, called RefWorks 2.0, by the end of this year.

Click here to watch the Refworks 2.0 Fundamentals Tutorial video.

From the RefWorks website:

RefWorks is a widely popular research tool in use by more than three million scholars, students and faculty worldwide. Its 2.0 version is being developed using an experiential design framework that began with reviewing feedback, analyzing usage habits and conducting surveys of RefWorks users globally. Its new interface focuses on usability and the functional needs of end users, incorporating contemporary design elements to make all of RefWorks’ functions and features easily accessible.
Click here to read the full Press Release.  

Eastern University's Warner Memorial Library provided some new highlights for RefWorks 2.0. They are:

Citation Display
Folders are now hyper-linked. New tool icons:   

“View” – displays details for the reference
“Cite” – allows you to insert temporary citation placeholders into a document (using copy & paste commands)
“Edit” – allows you to edit the existing reference information
“Star” – adds reference to you “My List” folder
“Comments” – displays any comments made by others who access your shared references
“Paper clip” – indicates if files are attached to the reference and the quantity of files attached

Tab Bar

  • Three tabs  
    • References
    • Folders
    • Share
    Global Edit feature allows you to globally
    • Add information
    • Move information
    • Delete information in a specific field
    • Replace information
    Remove from folder button
    “Change View” – allows you to view your citations in a specific citation style

“Bread crumb” tool bar – shows you were you are within the RefWorks interface.

Dynamic changing buttons – buttons containing actions you can perform on your references that change depending on what tab you are currently viewing.

If you have any questions, please do not hesistate to contact:


David Benson said...

Looks like a significant improvement to the interface as far as user-friendliness goes. Kudos!

Chad Mairn said...

Yes, it is much easier to use. I think the interface makes better sense now too! Let us know if you have any questions using RefWorks.