Friday, July 13, 2012

Attention MIRA Students

SPC Libraries have been purchasing and digitizing music, which can be accessed via the SPC Radio Server. As of today, we have 38.1 GBs of music encoded in the .wav format! This is growing very fast.  Anyway, I don’t think it is practical to digitize every song purchased, so please contact me at mairn.chad (at) or at (727) 394-6917 to give me specific title requests that you want digitized and I will get them on the SPC Radio Server, so that you can easily integrate them into your radio programming.

I am still purchasing CDs and you can request those via the Music Purchase Request form. I will still digitize “classic” albums; but, again, I will not be digitizing every song that comes into my office.

You can search our library catalog for music we already own and/or visit Freegal and download 3 free tunes per week. The Freegal .mp3 music files are encoded at 320Kbps. These .mp3 files won’t sound as great as the .wav files, but most listeners probably won’t hear a difference especially if the music is being streamed at 256kbps. If you want .wav files, then I completely understand. If we don’t have what you need, please request it via the Music Request form. As always, if you have questions please contact Chad Mairn at mairn.chad (at) or (727) 394-6917. 

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