Friday, December 02, 2005

Annenberg Videos Now Online!

Some of the most popular items at the library are the math videos. Although they are very specific to the algebra, calculus, statistics, etc. courses taken at the college, many students find any Audio/Visual materials that support mathematics courses helpful. Now the Annenberg Foundation has made their videos (currently offered on their satellite television station) available on their web site.

To browse and access those educational videos, go to Click on View Programs at the top. Click on programs. If you do not have a user name and password, you may create one. Once you are registered with your login information, you can view the videos online. Two small drawbacks are the need to have Windows Media Player installed on your computer and the display of the videos are not full size of the screen.

Otherwise, the value of the videos is enormous! If you decide to follow a course on your own to boost your knowledge of a course you are taking or brush up on some other areas that the Annenberg videos cover like French language skills, these videos are available anytime day or night. Browse the Annenberg web site for a course of interest to you.

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