Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Recommend E-Books!

OverDrive's 'Recommend to Library' feature is live! Visit tblc.lib.overdrive.com/ and conduct a search. If the library doesn't have a specific digital title then you can recommend that we acquire it for the library collection.

Below are screenshots of what the process looks like. 

Don't see the digital tiles you were hoping to find? Select the "Find More" button.

Select the "Recommend" button to request that the library acquires it for the collection.

Selecting the "Buy it now" option allows you to purchase it. Your library will earn credits!

Please note: Clicking on the 'Buy It Now' link will cause you to leave the library download platform website. The content of the website is not controlled by the library or its service providers. Please be aware that the site does not have the same privacy policy as the library or its service providers.

Please contact a Librarian if you have any questions.

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