Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Introducing Indoor Google Maps!

Google Maps now allows users to view and navigate indoor floor plans and will provide step-by-step directions to rooms, offices, restrooms, reading/study areas, and more that are located within the St. Petersburg College Seminole Campus!

Google Maps will guide you to the campus, but zooming further into the map will now display an indoor floor plan of the building. You can also use the level switcher (outlined in red) to move from the ground floor to other available floors in the building.

Indoor Google Maps is supported on Android and iOS devices. The desktop and Web app versions only highlight the ground floor at this time, but they will soon incorporate multiple floors via the level switcher.  

Visit to download Google Maps and never get lost on the St. Petersburg College Seminole Campus again!

If you have questions on how to install/use Google Maps, or notice any inaccurate map information please contact Chad Mairn at or at (727) 394-6917.

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